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In­door Pro­duc­ti­on

Indoor production at our facilities

At our production facility, which covers a floor space of 1,400 m2, we manufacture vessels and tanks with a diameter of up to 4.3 meters and a maximum length of 26 meters.
Our semi-automated production facility at our plant in Gernsbach/Baden works with the latest state-of-the-art technology. We produce tank heights of up to 26 meters in our manufacturing tower. The tanks built in the tower are lifted out with a crane, transported to your facilities by truck or ship, where they are fully assembled on-site.
Tanks boasting a piece weight of more than 20 tons are lifted out of the tower opening with a mobile crane. Due to the method of transport, tanks with a diameter of up to 4.3 meters and a length (height) of up to 26 meters can be fully manufactured. In this manner, we can build enormous plants in parts.

Product range

 Pressure vessels

 Agitator vessels


 Silos & plants

 Storage tanks

 Large-volume tanks

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